Saad Asaf
Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)


At Saad - Assaf we cultivate many varieties of Amaryllis. Some of the varieties are patented, and we also have new hybrids of our own, under the name "Mediterranean AmaryllisTM".

All of our Amaryllis bulbs are cultivated in climate-controlled greenhouses using heated soilless medium, ensuring complete control over all stages of development. The fact that the bulbs are grown in soilless medium and not in the ground, makes it possible to avoid soil and root diseases and pests.

Our cultivation technology and the special climate in our region enable us to supply Amaryllis bulbs both for potted plant and dry sale markets.

Each year, we begin marketing our bulbs in June and continue through October. The bulbs harvested in June and July are suitable for early blooming in pots from the beginning of October, or for early dry sale.

The August - September harvest is suitable for dry sale during the main October - January season.

Preparation of the bulbs for forcing can take place in our cold store units, or, we can supply bulbs to clients who wish to store them in their own cold storage.


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