Saad Asaf
Canna Indica


At Saad - Assaf we cultivate many varieties of Canna, some of which have been gathered from around the world, and some of our own hybrids, under the name Canna EliteTM". We have also private-stock varieties which we grow for private companies. Our specialty is the cultivation of dwarf varieties which are suitable as garden and balcony plants.

All of our varieties are going through virus-cleaning process. Some of them ended already the process and were laboratory checked to get the official virus-clean certificate. These varieties will be available commercially by 2011 season.

Every plant in the virus-cleaning process begins with a micro-cutting followed by a special antiviral treatment. The virus free material is then propagated by tissue culture. The plantlets are grown in nuclear and foundation stocks, in a sterile environment, and are checked regularly in a laboratory.

The climatic conditions in our region, combined with the unique virus-cleaning method and the isolation of the Canna fields, enable us to cultivate virus-free rhizomes, so that in the near future we will be able to guarantee 100% virus free products.

The combination of vegetative propagation and subsequent flowering ensures true to type species which is an advantage over pure micropropagation methods.

The Canna's harvest begins at the end of October each year. Rhizomes' supply begins from November and continues until the beginning of the spring season.




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